IPA Cologne Carnival
Since the middle ages the Carnival party is celebrated by Cologne “Carnival revelers”. Now for decades it is an event with international Carnival goers from all around the world. About one million visitors and more are viewing the parade called “Rosenmontagszug”. Also in several quarters of Cologne Carnival celebrations are held. They are a little bit smaller but just as interesting as the great main ceremony in city centre on Carnival Monday.
The Carnival season begins on 11th November at 11:11h at “Alter Markt” in Colognes historic centre, directly near the river Rhine, with the three main carnival figures “Prince”, “Farmer” and “Maiden”, called altogether as “Dreigestirn”.
On Thursday before Carnival Monday there is a special day for the women, called “Wieverfastelovend”, means the “Women´s Carnival”. Everywhere in the city, in all pubs and in big companies you will notice big parties.
On Carnival Monday called “Rosenmontag (Rose Monday)”, the revelers from Cologne and local groups and bands will transform the centre of Cologne into a carneval madhaus.
IPA Cologne offers a sound programme in 2019 including the 52. international IPA Carnival Party on Friday evening.
Since years IPA members and their families from all over the world join this hot spot of Carnival. Be part of it, be part of the IPA Cologne Carnival festivities.

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